Hi, there. I’m Rachel.

I created this space to develop, organize and document my personal evolution as it relates to weight loss/management, dieting, body image, self-love, disordered eating, mental/emotional health (related to dieting/weight loss), standards of beauty, and more.

My ever-evolving and sometimes consuming thoughts on this topic can be overwhelming, and I find myself in need of a way to work through them. Journaling is an ideal outlet, but I tend to “scribble journal” in old notebooks or on scraps of paper with no order, rhyme or reason, and my thoughts end up lost or in the trash can. That makes me sad; these thoughts have shaped so many of the mental/emotional hurdles–and victories–of my life, and I feel as though a part of me is in them. I’m done throwing away those little scraps of myself.

My goal is to write my perspective, thoughts and experiences. I’m not a professional, a counselor, or the like, and therefore am not qualified to offer advice or guidance.


I am a sister and fellow warrior in the battles against beauty standards, and in pursuit of self-acceptance, self-love and all-encompassing health (mental/emotional/spiritual/physical), and I hope you find these pages encouraging and supportive.

Much love, friends.

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